Performances 2012 - 2014

Creatures Cluster
Site-specific installations
2014 -  in progress

Free-form oscillator circuits, metal wires, lights, jumper wires, Axoloti core
A co-production of HISK and Overtoon

Credits to Johannes Taelman (Axoloti Platform),
Ralf Schreiber & Christian Faubel

The Creatures are autonomous modules that receive their energy from solar cells to generate a variety of soft sounds and pulsating movements. They are developed with two simple analogue oscillator circuits inspired by organisms: the Suneater and the Solar Sound. The Suneater (invented by Mark Tilden) is a circuit designed to gather energy from light to produce pulsating motion. The Solar Sound module (invented by Ralf Schreiber) generates a wide variety of mild sounds depending on the intensity of light that touches its solar surface. Since it is impossible to build identical circuits, each Creature is unique.

The project started in 2012 with sound performances in different trans-formations: Creatures Sextet, Ensemble, Orchestra. The performing synthesis was determined after an intensive observational period of the interrelated sound patterns occurring between specifically connected modules in series receiving controlled light intensity. The output was an amalgam of structured improvisation elicited through manipulated light sources, while the generated sound patterns were amplified and mixed live. The last performance took place at the Transmediale festival (Jan 2014) and from then on the project moved towards greater autonomy, through the implementation of site-specific installations.

The Creatures Cluster

is an apparatus of interconnected modules and lights that reciprocally affect each other. As a web built entirely in space, the sculptural, kinetic, and auditory nature of the synthesis refers to an open nervous system, a potential social organization, or an ecosystem. From a rather anti-authoritarian point of view, as well as to profile the autonomous, organic and self-supporting nature of the cluster, there is no programming applied to effectuate interactions. Instead, modules and lights are directly compiled to prospect light sources that register changes regarding oscillations into the given cluster, evoking the idea of autopoiesis [a system capable of reproducing and maintaining itself]. The light sources are integrated into the spatial sculpture and respond to the oscillating activity that the cluster is producing. As a result, the system responds continuously to the varying light circumstances, which give rise to new oscillating patterns and causal reasoning occurs between possible chaos and homeostasis.

Since both the possible combinations of the individual Creatures, as well as the conditions of

creation and operation of the Cluster are impossible to reproduce in space or time, each installation is site-specific and unique, while the development of the project is ongoing.

Creatures Cluster, site-specific installation
Red Dawn, Hisk, Ghent, Belgium (22 November - 15 December 2014)
Creatures Cluster, site-specific installation
Sense of Sound, Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Hasselt, Belgium (2 March - 25 May 2014)
Performing with the Creatures
Transmediale Festival 2014, HKW, Berlin
The Creatures Ensemble, Performance (30 Jan 2014)
Excerpt from performances:
Across the Great Divide, Creative Human - Machine Improvisations. International conference.
Medea Electronique & Onassis Cultural Center, Athens, Greece. The Creatures Ensemble, Performance (19 Oct 2012)
Q-02_workspace for experimental music and sound art, Brussels, Belgium.
The Creatures Orchestra, Performance (7 Dec 2012)