2014 Active Installation
Wall, hole, rods.
Body-conducted sound.
Dimension variable
Both individuals with normal or impaired hearing (problems of the outer and/or middle ear) can experience the work
Text by Selen Ansen
After years spent in asylums, Antonin Artaud created the radio play To have done with the judgement of god, that was banned by the director of Radiodiffusion Française the day before it's scheduled transmission [1947] . The grounds he gave were that it was inflammatory, obscene and blasphemous.
Artaud's principal desire was to cancel out the entire process of mediation and signification. He wanted his work to be immediately and physically experienced and reach the body directlyArtaud’s language is fragmented; the desire it carries for physical transmission and transformation sutures the pieces together again in the listener. W/HOLE immerses the visitor in a metonymic state of embodiment, epitomizing the transmission of Artaud’s voice encapsulating his impalpable idea of the body without organs and his attempt of thinking about the unthinkable: about how body is mind and how mind is also a body. Through a physical act, the listener enables Artaud’s voice pass through the mouth directly into the mind, creating an one-one continuity…which robs me of the words that I have found , which reduces my mental tension, which is gradually destroying in its substance the body of my thought. 
When you will have made him a body without organs,
then you will have delivered him from all his automatic reactions
and restored him to his true freedom.
To have done with the judgement of god (1947-8)
[Final lines]
Red Dawn, Hisk, Ghent, Belgium (22 Nov - 15 Dec 2014)
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A Breathcrystal, Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland (14 Apr – 30 June 2015)